Monday, December 13, 2010

What I learn today: Farewell

Yesterday, I heard a very sad news. Fire engulfs one of our colleagues' apartment early in the morning of Sunday, Dec12. She and her daughter weren't able to get out. 

2hrs later, the trapped mother and child were each other's arms. 

The news really saddens me. I still can't believe they've lost their lives in such a tragic way.  I know this person, I get to see her every day in the office and I can never forget her smile. We're not that close as friends but it felt like we just lost a friend, a sister.

As a tribute to this young, beautiful mother and child, we wore white clothes, pinned a ribbon and offered a mass. Together with the whole MSI-ECS family, we went to their wake to pay respect and bid our last goodbye. 

This is life as we know it...yesterday you're talking to this person, the next day that same person's gone...

My family and I extends our condolences to her grieving family. Rest in peace our dear Jolyn and Francine.

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