Thursday, December 16, 2010

100th Post: A Milestone!

I have doubts creating my own blog 2 years ago. The thought of not being able to maintain it, occasionally comes into my mind. So, if Dudeth didn't pushed me to start this blog, "a glimpse of me" will never exist(Thank her!).

Now I'm writing my 100th post! For a person who's used to keep everything in private, this is such a milestone. Even though its just in the form of writing, I have shared something I truly treasure - my travels, hobbies and just about anything that's happening into my life - to my friends and even to people who fortuitously browsed my blog =)

And to commemorate this milestone, I dedicate this post to people who, in any way, became part of me. Family, friends, classmates, neighbors, teachers, strangers, peers, et al. Without you, my journey would not have been worthwhile. I may forget how exactly we have met and may not remember your names or faces sooner or later, but one thing's for sure, you've already been engraved deep into my heart.

Please do accept my sincerest "Thank You", for everything, most especially for the love and understanding you've given me all along. Hugs and Kisses! =)

Happy Holidays everyone!

Pay the "Goodness" forward to heal the world.

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