Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Thoughts: My Long Lost Friend =)

Through Facebook I was able to find a old friend I have met 12 years ago during the National Youth Congress for Young Leaders in Baguio City. The workshop gathered all the student leaders all throughout the Philippines which lasted for a week. We were HS then and I can't remember much about it. I only relied on the old photos I took during that time.

Aside from recalling how spooky Teacher's Camp was and the 4 other people from Region I delegates, I remember this person's name and birthday. I am also pretty much sure that we have spent some time to bond but unfortunately, I can't go into details anymore (sign of memory gap..argh!).

The funny thing is we've just started communicating last weekend but it feels like we've been friends all along, chatting so comfortably. We haven't seen each other ever since but we're hoping to meet again to celebrate our birthdays the week after next week. We've also learned that we're on the same path in terms of career...we're both in IT industry. Lucky me, I found my long lost friend! Life, indeed, never runs out of surprises! =)

What a small world!

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