Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I learn today: Monsters in the Office

"A leader can never lead without a follower and a follower can never follow a leader who doesn't know how to lead"

A work place is a home to working people or more appropriately, Professionals. But what makes a Professional? How would you define Professionalism? Does a rank-and-file employee and an executive officer the same in terms of its definition? 

Professionalism is a combination of work ethics or good work attitudes; punctual, with humility, courteously respectful of people no matter what their rank and designation, pleasant to work with, knows his job responsibilities, with patience, communicates with others very well, etc. Though we understand that there's no "Mr or Ms Perfect", everyone in the office, whether a staff or a boss, should at least maintain a happy work place with a stress-free atmosphere at all times.

But no matter how we emphasize Professionalism in the corporate world, there are quite some evil people lurking within the organization, hiding under those neatly ironed out business attires. We call them "Bitches". Sometimes they also are those kind of people who fake humility in order to draw attention to themselves.

On the other hand, we call the "Unprofessional Bosses", Monsters. Their frequent false judgments, sarcasm and excessive use of authority is pretty much annoying, they violate the company rules and policies as if they have immunity and privilege to do so, they tell you offensive, morale-damaging words as if talking to a dumb person but sometimes, its fun to watch these monsters fighting and back-stabbing each other, they actually are the spices of the company. But beware owners, monsters could silently kill your business especially when you're in a customer-oriented industry because they don't know how to value their people.

They should understand their ultimate role as leaders. Their staff is their ally not slaves. They are teammates, they work together to accomplish the team's laid out plans. They only serve as a coach. A team can't win without him, but he can't also win without a unified team. 

Saying basic courtesy words like “Please” and “Thank You” with sincerity are vital in work place. It even motivates one to perform better especially when it comes from their superiors. If I have learned the value of Professionalism even before I have gotten my first job, I am hoping that those on top of the professional ladder could be more than what I expect them to be because they are supposedly the role models of the next generation of young professionals like me.

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