Sunday, January 10, 2016

Retreat Letters

I was cleaning out my drawer when I found some bunch of retreat letters from my senior year in college. It's a tradition that you give positive messages to your friends going on retreat. We often refer to it as Palanca Letter. We somehow need it to emotionally prepare us during the days of reflection and spiritual retreat.

The ones I saw were more of 'thank you' letters written during one of our activities in St Paul Retreat House in Baguio City. We were given peices of paper to write what we want to say to each of the participants and I'm sharing with you some of their thoughts towards me that made my day.. feel free to read on! :)

There were days when I think about going back to school.. but only if these same people were there too..

We don't see each other as often as we did anymore, most of them either had their own families or enjoying their careers overseas, but they'll always be in my thoughts and prayers and the once in a bluemoon reunion to catch up is way better than never!

T'was cool being part of this circle and I'm proud of these gals.

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