Friday, November 20, 2009

Poetry: Love Thy Mother

"God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers." - Jewish Proverb

9 months of waiting...
to have a baby onboard our world.
For 9 months -
Mum has carried each one of us inside her womb.

From the very first day that a Mother have known
until her unborn child was born.
From her baby's first smile,
until her child have grown.
From childhood to adulthood,
until she had to leave the world...

Her love is unconditional,
She protects us from harm and ready to fight anybody.
She becomes an instant doctor,
when we're sick, broken-hearted and even when we're losing our sanity.
She forgets all our mistakes and forgives easily,
and lists down all our achievements in her diary.

She enlighten us with her best advices,
listens to our sentiments even our weirdest story,
She's our greatest teacher,
teaching us lessons we need for our own journey.

She can just do eveything,
because we are the most important part of her life.
She doesn't ask for anything,
when we tend to forget them, they just smile but discreetly, they cry.

Love your parents, love your Mother.
God gave us them, they deserve our respect and love and care especially when they get older.

To all Mums out there, we salute your courage and patience in raising brats like us. To all soon-to-be-mums, just enjoy the ride!


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