Monday, September 20, 2010

My Birthday at Home

Last Saturday, I went back home with my youngest sister to celebrate my birthday. Thanks to Irene she gave us a ride.

Ez and I set up the tent while waiting for the kids.CJ and BJ just arrived!
Mum and Cj taking an afternoon nap.
Baby Romir also came =)
Bonchosai helps Mum cook my favorite spaghetti!!!
All girls party! =P
Setting up the bonfire
yehey camping!!! it's a farm's night life! =P
Cj's Indian dance!
CJ and I enjoying our cheetos =D
Sleeping time kids!
Good Morning Munchies! =P
young guava leaves for baby shine's sensitive skin.
Konsehala treats us in Greenwich at SM Rosales.
midnight games of Stacrobats!
and Monopoly Deal Cards game!
Bunso and I needs to catch the 2 o'clock bus early in the morning. I wana go back home again! hayss...

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