Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Surprise! Surprise!

Momo Cafe
Eastwood City
7th September 2010

Our beloved friends gave me and Aleli a whole day Birthday Surprise! The dinner was the Best!

Mace sent an email earlier telling us she's depressed and that she needs a gurls' night out after a stressful day. Worrying much to our friend, we have agreed to her invitation without any hesitation.

They've been planning something big and it was well-executed! Kudos to Kitch and Mace...hihi.. =P The ladies have thrown a breakfast party for us, we thought it already ends there. Well, that's why it's called a SURPRISE! haha.. =P

And there we go, as soon as we get into the resto, they greeted us with balloons, cake and mouth-watering food! A birthday song was also played in the background. I was so moved, I got teary-eyed while being speechless!
It was a fantastic gift from sweet, thoughtful friends and they knew what makes me really happy! FOOD! haha! I never expected it most especially the surprise guest.... hehehe...

Mr Luis Manzano
We missed our fellow September celebrant, Dang. Badeth is also missing in action due to bed rest...

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