Thursday, December 10, 2009


"Nobody is more important than the rest of us". -PS&MIS 09

Each year PS & MIS Division conducts two major activities, teambuilding and christmas party. The time that we share with each other through these activities builds camaraderie and friendship among the group. Achieving teamwork is our goal.

1. Travel by land. Rain or Shine!

2. Enjoy the view or the activities encountered
3. Cook Meals

4. Play Games...
5. Exchange gifts
6. Open Forum / Welcome Activity for Newbies
7. Enjoy more daytime activities!
8. Photoshoot!!!

Teambuilding: Baguio 2008

Christmas Party: Majayjay Falls 2008

Teambuilding: Batangas 2009
Coconut Hills Resort. Batangas.

This year's Christmas party will be this coming weekend, 11th-12th of December, in Tagaytay! we will go camping and physical activities such as rapelling and trekking awaits us! =)

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