Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5th Anniversary: Barrio Kids Party

Barrio Kids Party 
December 30, 2010

The Preparation. Still exhausted from the running event yesterday, we woke up early to prepare for the afternoon activity.

Packing candies for loot bags and prizes
Dad and Bro helps in setting up the Pa-bitin
The kids lines up for registration and loot bags
The Games. Each year we make sure to give them new and exciting games. This time, we have featured yet another set of new games together with some familiar games played last year:

Dance Contest
Costume Relay
Sponge Relay
Colored Pebbles Race
Bayabas Catching
Cash o Bukas

Snack Time. Mum prepared the ice cold orange juice and chocolatiest champorado for merienda:

Raffle Prizes. Our sincerest gratitude to all who've shared their blessings. Most kids received something. (Lia, Gianne, Aleli, Pam, Badeth, Ms Mira, Joy, Mae Lynn, Chang and AC):

Mini-Get-Together. Before the year ends, this event is also a great opportunity for us to mingle with our close relatives, the Tolete clan.

Front Row L-R: Mum, LynLyn, Dexter&Baby Daniela, Monique & Husband, Bevs, Kuya JunJun
Eyz, April&Ryan, Rosenda&Friend, Ate Sally, Esteros and GF.
Back Row L-R: Larry, Bong, Lui, Tita Sally, Krizelle&Baby Dwayne, MacMac, Christian, Raymond and CJ
Baby Daniella and Baby Dwayne
A toast for 2010 and for a great 2011!

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