Friday, March 9, 2012

Ten Photos to Shake the World Photo Contest, a wonderful experience!

I was browsing for an online photo competition when I finally came across with ASSIST's Nationwide Photo Competition on the Environment. I joined and submitted two entries but there were no expections whatsoever at all because it is an open competition and I know there are lots of good photographers out there. All I want is to share this magnificent view I took from Mt Pico De Loro's peak and luckily, one of the photos made it to Top 24.

I love nature and I love taking pictures of breathtaking views of Philippines' best destinations. Through this contest I was able to show one of the best sceneries I've seen.

'Ten Photos to Shake the World' is a National Competition organized by an International non-government organization, the Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST). It was launched June 30, 2011, in search for Ten compelling photos to shake the world and promote awareness on the state of the world environment.

My Entry. Mt Pico De Loro's Peak. Cavite.

On February 20, 2012, I was invited to join the Awarding Ceremony to be held on March 6 at the Filipinas Heritage Library, Ayala Triangle, Makat City.

My friend and I came in a bit early giving us time to look at the gallery. I started having butterflies when I saw my entry hanging on the wall. I just can't believe it was there. It was my very first photo competition so I don't know what to expect.


The place was filled with foreigners. Ms May Nguyen, from ASSIST, came over to our table and had a conversation with me. At first, I thought she's a Filipino but later on I learned she's Vietnamese! =)

The ceremony started with National Anthem, followed by an opening remarks, talk about the Philippine Environmental Situation, an animation entitled Higante't Tutubi then a slideshow featuring all entries.

The winners were then announced:

First and Second Prize: Mr. Danilo Victoriano Jr. (Entry #57 and #56, respectively)
Third Prize: Mr. Joel Forte (Entry #19)
Fourth Prize: Mr. Jonathan De Vera (Entry #16)
Fifth Prize: Mr. Gregorio Dantes Jr. (Entry #52)
Sixth Prize: Mr. Edgar Castañeda (Entry #36)
Seventh Prize: Ms. Lui Ladio (Entry #12)
Eighth Prize: Mr. Jimmy Domingo (Entry #59)
Ninth and Tenth Prize: Raniel Jose Castañeda (Entry #32 and 31, respectively)

7th Place? Not bad for a first timer and amateur photographer =P

In a battle for the Most Popular Entry through Facebook, I came up short, second only to Mr Mark Henrich Go who got the most number of 'likes'.

All Top Ten winners received Certificates, Cash, Gift Certificates and Gift packs from sponsors - Petron, Kraft and Nestle.

The Judges and I  =D
One of the best moments came, when the first and second placer, Mr. Danilo Victoriano Jr.asked me how I took the shot and one of the judges, Philippine Daily Inquirer(PDI) Senior Photojournalist, Mr Raffy Lerma, asked me to send him a copy of my entry and he would try to have it published in PDI newspaper. I'll pray hard for that! =D

I was the youngest, unexperienced and the only female among the Top Ten winners. Makes me feel really good about it! nyaha... and I don't even own a camera! Bittersweet. =D


3 comments: said...

Congrats! You made it to PDI's cover today!

Bugzy's Journal said...

Hi, Thank you very much! =)

raving mad said...

Hello Louise! First and foremost Congratulations! It was really a great shot and as I look at it curiosity arises, I'm wondering if you can share how did you took that shot? I am so please to know. (dying to know) hahaha

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