Monday, April 12, 2010

Biyaheng Norte 2010

This year's PS & MIS' much anticipated destination is up north...
First stop is where the Hundred Islands are. City of Alaminos, Pangasinan.

We depart from QC at about 9:00PM of April 8 with our rented Mini-bus and arrived at Ferrer's resort at 2:00AM. By 9:00AM, a bright, sunny day... the adventure begins...
We had a 200-step trek at Governor's, the highest peak among the Islas, to view its neighboring islands. After that we went on to visit Children's.
We jumped off 10-15ft high and took a plunge into Imelda Cave's deep water. There are bats hanging from the cave's ceiling and the water is cold. You have to swim out of the cave, get pass through some blankets of seaweeds and climb up if you want to try jumping again. After the challenging jump at Marcos Island, others went on to Quezon Island to prepare our lunch... grilled Pork Liempo and Tilapia! Others had set up camp at Romulo Island. Swimming after eating!

By 4:30PM our boats came to fetch us. After dinner, the usual activities forum, welcoming of newbies and the highlight, announcing the winners of PS & MIS "ang PINAKA...."
lights out....

On Saturday, our next stop: Bolinao, Pangasinan.
We took a 30-minute bangka ride to take a look at the giant clams, sea urchins, coral reef and star fish at UP Marine Science Institute's protected area near Silaki Island.
We geared up our snorkelling gears and enjoyed the underwater view.
By noon, we went on to what Brgy Patar is boasting for, its long, white sand beach. Only paying P200 for cottage and P50 for parking, we have enjoyed the beauty of the beach, the white powdery sand, the calm, sparkling sea water and the fresh air. SULIT NA SULIT!!!

Before going home, we stopped by at the lighthouse overlooking the south china sea and Brgy Patar's long beach and bought some local delicacies at pasalubong store.
Tired and exhausted, everybody fell asleep the rest of the roadtrip... 4 hours later we're back in QC...
I will definitely bring some more friends here.... =D

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