Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun Day at the Splash!

MSI-ECS Teambuilding 2010
Splash Island, Laguna
April 17, 2010

Fun-filled activities awaits all of us at the Splash
Island Resort to beat the summer heat...

4 Teams will be competing in a physically challenging ground and water games...its fun, fun, fun under the sun!


6:00 AM
Breakfast, registration..then 6 buses bounds south!

7:30 AM
Stretching, Snacks...then ground games!

Series of games simutaneously took place: wall climbing, zipline and ground relay:
Bubble Walk

11:30 AM
Early Lunch Break and more picture-taking!
1:00 PM
Cheering Squads of each team gets wet and wild in a splashing cheering competition!

battle of the titans resumes in exciting water games!
Water Takeshi

Zorb Ball Boat Race
2:30 pm
Announcing of Winners..we, the SAGADA ORANGE team bagged the Best Female Summer Look, Best Team Leader and Best Team! although we're not victorious on games standing, we're very much proud of our team...for giving support to each player, for showing sportsmanship and for simply having a great time!

After all the's our free time!
We tried every water ride that is available: Tausug trails, , King Pilipit(and this one too!), Magellan's Drop and had a relaxing salbabida swim at the Balsa River to end it all..

Big Bam Boo (everybody should try this!) The Balsa River
ahh...what a day! =)

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