Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What I learn today: A Reason to Love

There's this young couple whose love story inspired me and made a difference in my life…

Dale and Anna.

They're walking along the street towards her home when she asked out of the blue, “WHY DO YOU LOVE ME?”. A question she asks from time to time but only receives the same gesture… a smile and a kiss to her hand.

One foggy night, a car was caught in an accident, it nearly wrecked the car. Remarkably, there was a sign of life. The news has reached Dale and he got the shock of his life when he learned that Anna was one of the passengers. As soon as he knew it, he rushed to the hospital. 

She regained consciousness after a week and as she slowly opened her eyes, she saw her mum and Dale at her bedside.

But the accident made her feel really sorry for herself. For that, she instructed her family not to let anyone see her especially Dale. She told her mother to send him away. “I don't love you anymore, get out and don't ever come back!” these were her last words thrown at him… but deep inside, she’s hurting. She loves him still, so much. She's just so afraid that someday Dale might just leave her anyway… so might as well, she thought, end their relationship now.

Anna still can't accept what happened and furiously asks God why she has to suffer that way. The accident made her bitter and bitter everyday. She did nothing but shed tears as much as she misses him.

However, knowing her for such a long time, he knew she didn’t mean every single thing she had said. It didn't affect him at all for he knew how she loves him. He gave her all the time she needs to ease the pain because He fully understand the struggles she's going through. So he fled away to give her time to heal. 

She heard nothing about him since then. Months have past, Anna misses him so badly but knew she can never take back all the things she had said. There’s nothing she could do but cry and regret every word that she told him.

On the day of their supposedly fifth anniversary came, she went out to the porch and started reminiscing. Trying not to think about "them" but cannot control her thoughts. She closes her eyes and think about how they celebrate special occasions, how he put a smile on her face in gloomy days, how he had made her feel special in so many ways. She savors the moment and for the first time since the accident, she felt the butterflies flying around her stomach.

She can’t stop hoping that somehow he would pass by and at least say “Hello” but the moon started to shine and her little hope faded. “Perhaps he already had forgotten me”, she felt the sadness of her heart as the breeze of the evening comforted her.

She was about to enter the house when suddenly a little boy came running towards her and handed her a bunch of white roses together with a letter. As she went through the letter, she felt the coldness of the night embracing her as tears fell from her eyes:

“it’s been awhile and I should admit… I’ve missed you a lot.
            Remember the question you’ve always asked?
                        'WHY DO I LOVE YOU?'

I’ve been thinking about it a hundred times. And it seems like ‘twas the hardest question I have yet to answer. You see, you’re so pretty when I met you, you have one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen with such soft skin… but in a split of a second, it was full of scars and stitches.

We love walking along the shore and jog almost every morning; we enjoyed riding our bikes in the afternoon and the next thing I’ve learned? You are in a wheelchair…

You are kind, very outspoken but sweet and affectionate girl. That characteristics of yours have captured my heart 5 years ago but you let the bitterness of the accident changed you of who you are and threw me away just like that.
If those things were my reasons to love you, then right there at that very moment of the accident when I knew that things will be at its worst, my heart could have stopped loving you, because the reasons why I have loved you were gone…

You assumed that it took away everything, changed everything, ruined everything… No! No. I tell you, it didn't changed a thing… you are alive and you are still YOU… the one that I have loved before, the one I will always long for. What happened may have caused you so much heartache and may have destroyed your dreams but my love for you had never vanished.

I love you and I will always do, for the rest of our earthly and heavenly life…. For my love for you HAS NO REASONS AT ALL, IT'S JUST PURE LOVE.”

Before she knew it, Dale was standing right by her side, wearing the same tuxedo he wore when they first met each other on a school dance. As he wiped her tears, he looked at her with a smile and kissed her hand. He gets down on his knees, showed the ring and proposed.

It reminded me of the real reason of loving… LOVE, just love, for love knows no reason.

Category: Fiction: Short Story. 1999.

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