Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I learn today: Faith

I love listening to our first Friday mass sermons. I love Father's story-telling and here's one notable story I will never forget. The story of a faithful boy.

There's this one small village suffering from a drought condition for months. The villagers religiously go to church to pray for rain because their crops and farm animals are already suffering too much from the drying soil. One night, while everybody were in the church to say their prayers, the heavy rains began to pour. After a while, the villagers gets worried they won't be able to get home because they didn't brought their umbrellas with them and so they prayed for the rain to stop. One boy stepped outside looking frustrated, opened his umbrella and said, "You're praying for rain yet you didn't bring your umbrella."

It seems the only one who truly believes in his faith is the boy. How about you are you sincere enough with your faith?

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