Saturday, September 24, 2011

What I learn today: The Wall

I want to share another story which I heard from the last mass I've attended. The story of "How did a spider's web saves the life of a wounded soldier."

A long time ago during a war, there was a wounded american soldier who's trying to run away and hide from Japanese soldiers to save his life.

He went into one of the many caves of a mountain and prayed desperately to God to build a wall on the cave's opening to protect him.

The Japanese soldiers have been hunting him for days. The soldier has been praying for protection since then.One day, he heard the Japanese soldiers stomping, shouting... he can feel them getting closer... and closer... his heart pounding... thinking it was the end of his life. But after a while, it was all quiet... they're gone... and he's still alive.

He wants to know what's possibly the reason they skipped to enter the cave. He went on just to find out a spider's web almost covering the cave's entrance.

Japanese soldiers, they say, checks every cave but then skips those that has untouched spider webs in its openings because they believe that if it is untouched, it means nobody went in.

God is so wise, He sometimes answer our prayers with sense of humor... a blessing in disguise! =)

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