Saturday, December 15, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Badian, Cebu

I had a whole day training in Cebu branch on 7th of December. My college friend iki was coincidentally within the area that time so I extended my stay to spend the weekend with her.
Conference Room @ Cebu Office

My officemates took care of me during the training, taking me out for Lunch  (Chika-an Restaurant) and Dinner. Thank you for the treat Mommy Lyn, you are always so accommodating!
Forgot the name of the resto but the bbq and its sauce is yumyum!

My dear friend offered her humble studio for a sleepover on Friday night. The  following morning, we decided to take a bus going to the southern part of Cebu. In a small, quiet town of Badian to see the Kawasan Falls and super calm waters of Badian Beach. It was a 3-hr drive from the City. 

Two Kuyas guided us to the main falls of kawasan, there were also bamboo sculptures. We bought water and bibingka along the way. And when we got to the resort, we hurriedly ordered sinigang na liempo, lechon kawali and coconut juice for lunch. Hungry much, I asked for an extra rice! 

With the bamboo raft, we were able to get within the falls and had a pressurized water massage. We then hiked up to the 2nd, 3rd and all the way up to the main source which was so isolated. The water was super cold, I had cramps but still made our way back thanks to kuya's help in massaging my feet. :D

Korean Tourists enjoying the bamboo raft

We stayed at a small, quiet resort, La Playa Beach Resort, where I took some of the best sceneries I have ever shot!
Can you spot the other Rainbow?!

Life of Pi?!

Hues of Sunset

Tiny fishes!

With the Resort's owner, Nanay Sony

Peeking @ my seatmate's korean book. =D
A memorable trip with my old pal!

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