Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekend Getaway: Pangasinan

"There's no such thing as STRANGERS in this world, only FRIENDS we have not yet met."

Green green grass...Ricefields...Mountains...Cool breeze of fresh air! Bakasyon na! WELCOME to our place! =)
Enjoy the hospitality of Barrio Evangelista, cherish the camaraderie and have fun while on road trip...
Catch some Tilapia. Feed the farm animals. Play Games. Jump for Joy!!! There are lots of things you can do!

Relax and set aside the stressful officeworks. Set up the friendship bonfire under the wide, clear sky. Count the stars and sing along...

Hundred Islands, Baguio, Mt Balungao Hot Springs, Natividad Mountains... still have so many destinations to visit.

Our main objective is to share ourselves to others and extend our friendship to new friends.

For the past 3 years, we've formed a "circle of friendship" and the bond were strengthened year after year.

Although, some went on to take their own ways (A.K.A. Resigned na), we've made used of this time to reunite and share our experiences.

We usually get on the road every September, where i also celebrate my birthday together with the other celebrants.. =)

We're doing this annual trip since 2006. So...

Come and join us on our next trip to our small town in Pangasinan.

Everybody's welcome, well, perhaps not for Fine Arts students (mga drawing...injan...) who are strictly not allowed to join.... Haha.. =)

See you September 2009!

Thanks to: Gi-Badthz-Dang-Maze-Gel-Wacky-Bey-Hana-Pica-Karen-Jessa-Mai-Bing-Em-Nhery-Carla-Paul1-Paul2-Roy-SirTom&Family-JohnLloyd-LoloShe-Meman-Dada-andto-Aleli-Maelyn-Angie-KuyaJojo&AteLucil

From: The Whole Family =D

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