Monday, October 6, 2008

Random Thoughts: 1st OPS Extra Challenge

First Operations Extra Challenge
OPS Team Building
University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City
November 28, 2005

“In Team Sports, an individual wins a challenge, but a "team" wins the Championship.”

Sharing of ideas, preparation of materials, anticipating possible conflicts, scheduling, ocular visit to the activity grounds... at last, days of preparation is over...

On Monday, November 28, the Operations Team conducted its first Extra Challenge in UP Diliman. Series of races, fun games and cheering competition awaits the participants in this unique and friendly good-fellowship event.

This gathering serves mainly as a team building and bonding between Operations’ Staff and its entire subordinates. From the draft night -which includes banner-making contest that was conducted on Friday, to the Big Day was thrilling and overwhelming… As facilitators, we have seen full cooperation and discovered lots of talents from these men.

Everyone comes to the venue early in the morning full of strength and excitement. Everybody wears a smile as Ms Julie leads the whole group to a warm-up exercise, preparing them for the long day. Our Manager, Mr Hong, gave his opening remarks and brief instruction about the activity, and soon after, the six teams of 7 were given their first clue.

Members on each team were tied up next to each other and raced for a couple of kilometers to buy bottled waters. Each group then arrived at the first pit stop to compete for the next challenge. Sack and Mummy relay, that is. Some stumbled, some fell in the ground but they stood up together and went on to finish the game. Everybody began fooling around, exchanging jokes and protesting to other group’s violations which boosts their energy levels and drives them to give their best to win. Second clue was given and they raced for monument hunting. It's fun watching them as they ran all throughout the campus while holding each other’s hands looking for hidden answers.

For less than an hour most teams arrived at the next pit stop where they had their rest while waiting for others to come. When all cooled down, Ms Julie leads the group for another tune-up exercise and some guys led a little dance in the tune of  “Pinoy Big Brother” song.

For the last phase of the first half of the day, teams must finish the last task which is to complete a puzzle. Once done, third clue will be given.

Like bunch of armies, exhausted with empty stomach, teams easily found the right place for lunch, they took their orders and ate like soldiers.

After having their tummies full we gave them one task that challenges their skills in cheer dancing. Surprisingly, they performed well enough to entertain us. Their wacky moves, choice of songs and confidence gave everybody a good laugh.

Two more games that tests their physical strength and skills completes the program. Scores were tallied, winners were announced and special awards were named. We enjoyed observing them as they were having a great time with their peers.

What an amazing day! Each of us happily went home. With their faces filled with happiness, they left us a good feeling inside, it shows that they appreciated the well-thought of idea that we have rendered just for them, it is heartwarming to see that we began this event with smiles in our faces and ended up with smiles in our hearts.

We were a bit flabbergasted with the outcome of this program…it is indeed a successful one…a simple yet meaningful day for everyone. At the end of the day, we knew we have engraved one special event in their hearts and they will carry this wonderful memory and will definitely enjoy looking back as time passes by.

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