Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random Thoughts: << ESZ >>

Library. No. This is an English Speaking Zone! Eveybody is listening... so be careful not to get caught. Speak "Tagalog" and BANG! you'll get charged with a Php2.00 penalty for each tagalog word you say!
It's interesting to observe how talkative people abruptly turns into a quiet loner... well, i guess im one of them. Hah!
As a rule, every one should speak "English", expressions not exempted. I silently laugh everytime i hear someone trying so desperately not to make any mistake... it feels like high school all over again.

NOSE BLEED!!! im getting used to it! Its a good practice though. You dont have to speak fluently but rather be more cautious with words you choose to say... No bad "tagalog" words nowadays. hmm...

Thinking is the best way to train our brain, so lets practice our mind in finding the appropriate words as quick as we can to stimulate our brain cells!

i'd better be in silence now.... =)

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