Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random Thoughts: Yesteryears!

I was reading some blogs and there's this one blogger who wrote something about the things she used to do when she's a little kid, which inspired me to flashback as far as I can remember and share some of my own "bratenela" stories. As my blog title goes..."a glimpse of me", enjoy a glimpse of my yesteryears! =)

**Magsaysay House. Used to visit my cousins and aunties in magsaysay house. We play bahay-bahayan with dolls as tall as I am, we have Barbie dolls complete with wardrobe sets(maraming hindi naniniwalang naglaro ako ng barbie dati haha). The elders used to force us kids to sleep by 2pm(Ngaun pag natulog ka sa hapon, sabihin batugan! hayss!). I even remember mum cutting my hair short against my will and I cried so hard begging her not to(Ngaun siya naman nagmamakaawa wag akong magpagupit ng maikli, hehe).

**Burgos House. I have lots of experiences in this house. It is where I grew up. It is where I get the idea of never... get... into... politics...ever!!! (mahabang istorya to neng...) I understand how much my father wants to serve his people but those people doesn't seem to deserve my father's honesty and service after all. This house stood tall even if it was battered by strong typhoons and raining bullets from rival politicians' goons. Most visitors, even our relatives, say that the ambiance of the house gives them goosebumps. Well, I guess "they" were our protectors telling them "BEWARE"!. hehehe =) My boys, Mac&Mac together with their gang, also used to visit me here(kakamiss ung magtatawag sila sa may gate tapos kapag pinagbuksan mu na sabay hawak sila sa mga tyan nila...ibig sabihin mga gutom na ang mga mokong...parang mga palaboy lang nyaha). My house, my gym(dito lumakas mga bisig ko dahil sa mabigat na bakal na pangsarado ng pintuan! para akong nagbabarbel lagi hehehe).

*I used to be very shy in school but mum's convincing power somehow motivates me to go camping, join my school's various organizations and almost all the extra-curricular activities- singing, dancing, theater, quiz bees-math and bible(no joke diko rin alam pano ako nakasali dito haha), slogan-making contests, etc.(nung high skul nako sinasabihan naman akong OA nako sa pagka-active puro nako sugat, pasa at lakwatsa! hay naku talga!) and even our church choir (yeah, I, too can't imagine I was once a choir member!).

*When my parents were not around, I together with my brother and the boys next door, we climb our and/or our neighbor's house(as in parang wall climbing without the harness, helmet and al! hehe) up to the roof to get some bayabas. We play baseball(gamit ung vintage na raketa for tennis ni tito poch!), siatong, patintero, sipa, luksong tinik and one of my favorites: baril-barilan! (titigil kami pag dumaan na si manong fishball...di uso ang tusok, lahat may dalang bowl tapos pupunuin ng maraming sauce! charap!)

*I was sporty ever since, I play volleyball, badminton(sa kalye), basketball(sa likod ng bahay with my brother) and Rollerblades.

*I can easily learn how to drive! mountain/bmx bike, scooter(sumemplang sa highway, ayon puro gasgas kami ng kapatid ko), motorbike, big bike(natumba kahit di pa umaandar), tri-bike(hulog sa kanal once hehe) at tricycle. Tito Ronnie taught me how to drive our pick-up even if my parents told him not to do so(muntik lang mabangga, whew! buti na lang!)

*I also love photos(kahit dati pa), I remember all those piles of Kodak and Fuji films for developing(nagagalit si mother kapag nakikita nyang ginugupit ko mga pix, mahal daw magpa-develop, di nya alam dun nadevelop ang talent ko sa art...haha..lusot!)

*I collect stickers, booklets(ung mga free sa nido), and other stuff(as in kung anu-anong mga kalat lang na gusto kong itago)

*I wasn't born to be a cook. Mum and dad were very good at cooking. Mum even bakes cake and makes mouthwatering pastries, cookies, polvoron, leche flan, etc! There comes a time that mum would ask me to cook but I end up being criticized because the food was bland and/or too salty or whatever. And I just told myself, "cooking is not for me...i'll just eat!" and I held true of that promise...hehe-i just EAT! =P

*I used to chase boys(as in literal na hinahabol ko sila habang umuusok ang ilong ko sa asar). One just right outside our house and other one at school. I even dared one to fight against me just because he told me he likes me and gave me something(warfreak e noh haha) but i don't do such silly things now of course(trying to be a lady-like hihihi).

Past is past. I'm just glad I experienced all those things. It always makes me smile! =)
More on me next time... =P

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