Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Spooktacular Day!

1st MSI-ECS' Halloween Costume Contest 2010

Plants and Zombies fans

The Finalists

Dracula's admirer...

and the Winner is... non other than the blood-sucking teammate of mine...
Reggie a.k.a. DRACULA!
I missed all the fun. I got back to the office 15mins after the announcement of winners. And although the "Big Boss" -I just heard(whispering)- almost spoil the fun because he didn't seem to like the ambiance of the spooky workstations and the scary looks of his employees(according to him, the all black costumes could attract negative vibes which isn't good to the business), people still managed to enjoy the afternoon! and i'm happy with the outcome... the winner came from our group!

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