Monday, September 16, 2013

Random Thoughts: A beginner's Half-Marathon

On October 6, we are set to run our first ever half-marathon. Are we ready? I was running for about 6 years now and been running 10km since last year. But how ready am I? How ready are we, MSI Runners Club? Our guys were fuelling up for 42k marathon and most of us girls for 21. HP run was our last event prior to this. It's been raining and a typhoon is coming. We haven't have enough time for practice. No, we have to find time. We have to, even if the field is wet and heavy.

Challenge Accepted!

Early this morning, we decided to brave the cold, cloudy weather. We jog at Club Manila East, but with just 2kms of jogging, the rain fell, showing no mercy to me and my running buddy. Well, we have to stop and just go home, we don't want to catch a cold.

I'm just going to pray for a focused mind and healthy body especially our knees. We have to be at least in great shape to achieve this new goal, a very ambitious one. 

I ask God's grace and guidance, prior, during, and after the run. May we all cross the finish line with a satisfied heart. Go for the Finisher Shirt errr.. Medal!  ;D

I'll update you soon!

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