Sunday, September 15, 2013

Run United 2013: 2nd Leg

Run United 2
June 2, 2013
SM Mall of Asia

Run Rio Trilogy 2 is a more difficult run because the morning is too humid. I finished 2 minutes behind my previous chip time, and so are the others despite our efforts to non-stop running. Mr. sun was not, at all, easy on us. The heat found its way down our skin and inside our body, which made us grasping for breaths. 

It is too hot! And I want to take a cold shower asap. The last kilometer is wearing me down... I just want to walk, but I need to push myself harder... And when I saw this big, fat guy in front of me telling himself, "one last push, one last push", it motivated me. Finally, the finish line is within the reach! 

And yeah, it maybe is the end of the race but it is also the start of a new beginning..

We're done with the first two. We need to get ready for the final leg! :)

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