Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mindanao 2012: Cagayan De Oro

Day 3: Cagayan De Oro, Misamis Oriental

From Bukidnon, our friends took us at a Pasalubong store to buy some goodies then dropped us off at Marco Hotel. It's time for us to say our byes to them, very kind people.

RM301, cottage is made of dark wood. It is near the pool and is the closest cottage to the main building.

As we indulged ourselves in the hot pool after dinner to relax,  Angel, who opt to stay at our cottage, came frantically and told us that there's a 'ghost' in our room. The room's lighting is actually a bit dim and the comfort room's mirror is too huge. I actually felt something spooky when we entered the room but ignored it. Scared of going back, we asked the receptionist to give us a room within the main building and luckily they have a vacant deluxe room at the 2nd floor. The ambience is better and we all did sleep well.

The Messy Room.
It's Monday and I forgot to turn off the alarm, so it goes off at 5:30 and I had a hard time going back to sleep. So what I did is, I wake everybody up and convinced them to just go around and explore the area.

Malasag Eco-Village is just 3.5 Kilometers away, we rented 2 Habal-Habals (Motorcycle) for Php150 each to take us up the hill. The breeze of morning brushing through our skin is refreshingly cool. It is the best time for motorcycle ride!

There's nothing much to see at Malasag Eco Tourism Village. Entrance Fee: Php10 each. There are just some tribal houses, animals, fauna, and flora around the area.

1.5 Kilometer away from the Eco-Village is Mapawa Adventure Park. Php50 each. There are activities in the area too, but we're there just for sight-seeing and picture-taking. 

Tired, we went straight to buffet breakfast and gulped in a King's meal! Busog much... nap after =D

We packed up and checked out by 12:30 then stopped over at SM CDO to kill time. We still had enough to watch a movie! =D

The beautiful sunset.

Metro Manila we are back, good to see you again!

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