Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mindanao Adventure 2012: Kampo Juan

Day 2: Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon (Part 5)

We are finally passing through the pineapple plantation at daylight so we didn't miss the opportunity to click some shots:

Not originally on our itinerary is Kampo Juan. Entrance Fee: Php50 each pax.

Sid and Poppy just insisted we must go there if we're up to another extreme challenge. We accepted it but as we saw what it is, our jaw-dropped and have to say 'No' this time. 'Though my friends told me, Richard Guttierez has done it on his TV show, We just don't want to risk our lives! Hah!

Rates: All activities (zipline, anicycle, hanging bridge, rapelling) Php600; Anicyle only (1-way) Php300.

The Anicycle is a first in Asia. You have to ride a bicycle and drive your way to the other side through a single cable. Below is a deep ravine with a running river. It seems safe and I honestly wanted to try but I just can't get all the courage that I need that time. Better luck next time!

On the other hand, we enjoyed the place. It has a one of a kind Comfort Room and the chairs and tables are made of old tires.

The Toilet Door.

The recycled tires, now tables and chairs!

Before leaving Kampo Juan, I was able to take this amazing photo! Love it! =)

A whole day of fun and adventure in Bukidnon can't fit in a single post so I divide it into 5 parts.  Overall, Bukidnon, with lots of activities to offer and wonderful views of nature, it is a great place for family and friends!

Hope you enjoyed it and we still have 1 more day in Mindanao. Read on my next post about Cagayan de Oro! =) 

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